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The Superstition Mountains are a volcanic range with many rough canyons and peaks. Weavers Needle, a volcanic chimney, is perhaps the best known as the landmark in the various legends of the Dutchman's lost mine.

The Superstition Range contains the Superstition Wilderness area as well as various lakes and numerous hiking trails. It is a favorite destination for many horseback riders, hikers, and boaters since the trails and lakes are convenient to the Phoenix Metro area. Favorites for hikers include the Peralta Trail (Weaver's Needle viewpoint from Freemont Saddle), Hieroglyphic Canyon, Lost Dutchman State Park, Wind Cave, Fish Creek, and more sites.

The Apache Trail runs along the north side of the Range. It follows Canyon and Apache lakes to Roosevelt Dam. Elevations in the Superstitions vary from 2,000-6,000 ft. The terrain in parts can be very unforgiving. Hieroglyph Canyon and Tonto National Monument are close by.

Location: About 40 miles east of Phoenix. The Apache trail traverses it and US 60 passes to the south.

Climate: This is desert. Summer temperatures easily exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Hikers should carry plenty of water and be prepared for conditions.


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