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Peralta Trail to Fremont Saddle

The Peralta Trail is a popular, moderately easy hike into the Superstition Wilderness Area. The trail leads to Fremont Saddle and a really nice view of Weaver's Needle.

The trail starts at the base of the Superstition Mountains and proceeds up Peralta Canyon to Fremont Saddle. The distance from the trailhead to the saddle is 2.25 miles.

The trail is easy to follow and is a favorite for many hikers. The Peralta Trail starts by crossing a small stream in several places, then swinging from the west side to the east side of the canyon. It continues along the canyon wall, and then to a small series of switchbacks on the east side before reaching Freemont Saddle. The elevation gain is approximately 1,400 ft. over 2.25 miles. Elevation at the saddle is approximately 3,700 ft. Weaver's Needle is the volcanic plug that visitors see upon arriving at Fremont Saddle. If you have a good pair of binoculars, focus them on the summit of Weaver's Needle. Visitors will be pleased to see an American Flag waving in the breeze.

Most hikers turn around at Fremont Saddle. For those continuing onward, the trail goes north dropping into Boulder Canyon, and continuing on for several miles before connecting with the Dutchman's Trail. Past the saddle, the trail isn't as well maintained, and a great deal of boulder-hopping is involved. The Needle itself is a technical climb and requires special climbing gear, so only experienced rock climbers should attempt to scale the Needle.

The saddle also provides excellent views of the Superstition Wilderness. Also at the top, there are many boulders and caves that are great to explore and climb around. In the area are also a small window and cave on the way up.

Weaver's Needle is famous due to its association with the "Lost Dutchman" Gold Mine... or the Dutchman's Lost Gold Mine. Stories say that the Needle could be seen from the mine... or that the mine is hidden in the shadow of the Needle. The needle can actually be seen from quite a distance and from a number of locations in and out of the Superstitions, so don't waste your time looking for the mine.

Climate: Keep in mind this is the Sonoran Desert, and a Wilderness Area. The best hiking time is from October through May. Temperatures easily exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit (or 43 degrees Celsius) in the summer. Rattlesnakes, scorpions, and Gila monsters are active in this environment. At various times during the year, the land can be susceptible to heavy flash flooding. Even in the winter, it is highly recommended that hikers carry plenty of water. Pay attention to your surroundings and plan ahead for the conditions.

Location: Metro Phoenix. Follow Route 60 east from Apache Junction to Peralta Road. Head north to the Superstitions from here. It is approximately 8.0 miles to the trailhead from the turnoff. Please note Peralta Road passes through a subdivision, and also passes close to a school. Please do not speed while passing through this section.


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