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San Juan River Area
The San Juan River area, located in the Four Corners Area, includes scenery and rugged terrain which is sure to please. There are a number of pre-Colombian ruins and petroglyphs.

Some of the popular areas here include the Sand Island Petroglyphs with Kokopelli, River House, and a number of other ruins and petroglyphs which are scattered throughout the area. Comb Ridge is also located here. It is a giant reef that rises hundreds of feet into the air and extends for close to 100 miles in a North-South direction. Early pioneers found it to be quite a challenge to traverse. Not until the 1970s was a road was cut through the ridge in 2 places. The canyons, mountains, and isolation of this area, while impressive, give an indication of how diverse, rugged, and unforgiving this terrain can be.

It is recommended that adequate precautions, water, food, flashlights, etc. be taken and carried at all times. Please respect these areas so that others may also enjoy them.


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