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Mount Timpanogos
Mount Timpanogos is an 11,749 foot peak which is located between Provo Canyon and American Fork Canyon. It dominates the eastern flank of the Wasatch front, south of point of the mountain, and is a major landmark in the region. The caves on the North side have some spectacular formations and are part of the Timpanogos Cave National Monument. The mountain itself has spectacular falls, alpine scenery and a permanent snowfield or glacier. Mountain goats are commonly found here, usually on Robert's Horn.

There are 2 routes up the mountain. One route is 7.5 miles each way and the other is 8-9 miles each way. Some hikers like to use two cars in a shuttle system, and hike up one trail and then hike down the other.

The Mount Timpanogos Trailhead starts close to the campground, near Aspen Grove. This trail switchbacks up the mountain until hikers arrive at the Emerald Lakes and the hut. At this point the hikers are over 10,300 ft. From here, the trail crosses a small ridge into an adjoining basin and works its way up to the saddle. At the saddle, the two trails come together for the final stretch to the summit. The connector between the two basins can be a bit heart-stopping as it traverses the narrow ridge. Although it is possible to hike up the snowfield, this is not recommended. The scenery on the hike is spectacular and the views from the summit phenomenal.

The Timpanooke Trail is a very nice trail. This trail is basically a giant-size staircase, as you hike up a series of ridges, each followed by a more level section. There are waterfalls, alpine scenery, and a small forest. This trail goes to the Timpanogos basin where hikers are greeted with stunning views of the mountain, saddle, and the surrounding area before it works its way up to the saddle and from there to the summit.

Many hikers like to slide down the snowfield or glacier. The Forest Service recommends against this as people have been hurt. The descent can be dangerous, with many rocks embedded in the ice. This said, many people are able to slide down or otherwise work their way down safely without any problems. Sliding down can be a lot of fun, but care should be exercised.

There are a number of dangers on the mountain, such as altitude sickness, dehydration, exposure, and falling. Hikers should be prepared for conditions, and never hike this mountain in a thunderstorm.

Other items of note: A B-25 crashed on the mountain. Parts of the wreckage can still be seen. The Sundance film festival is held at the base of Mt. Timpanogos.

Location: Wasatch front, south of Point of the Mountain, north of Provo, Orem. The trailheads are accessed via the Alpine loop. (Located between Provo and American Fork Canyon)


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