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Thompson Springs
Thompson Springs is located in Southeastern Utah. This is a well known site that is located in the Book Cliffs not too far from 1-70 and the Colorado border.

The anthropomorphs that are found here are 6-7 feet tall and found in various shades of red. Some of the images look like "aliens" due to their large eyes, and antennae, but scientists believe the images are simply stylized art. They are very unique.

At least four separate groups are represented here. Fremont and Barrier Style are the most prominent, while across the road are some Ute images.

The site has been heavily vandalized. The vandalism included graffiti and bullet holes from people shooting at the images. The BLM ended up spending a long time cleaning up the site and doing their best to restore some of the images. Today the images are behind a protective fence. Please respect this.


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