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Pony Express
The Pony Express Station at Simpson Spring, Utah was one of many stops that Pony Express riders and Overland Stage passengers made during the long trip from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California. Although very popular and highly publicized, the Pony Express was short lived. The first rider passed through here on April 7, 1860 heading east. The first west bound rider came through several days later on the 10th of April of 1860. The last riders passed through here in late October of 1861. The telegraph and railroad made the Pony Express obsolete. However, the Pony Express is an important piece of American History.

Water was a critical resource for both horses and riders. This location was one of the few sources of water in the west desert of Utah.

The Pony Express Station at Simpson Springs has been reconstructed. While there were various other structures along the trail, they have mostly disappeared due to age and time.

Location: Western Utah. Simpson Springs is easily accessed via a good dirt road. The road follows the Old Pony Express and Stage Route. It is approx. 25-30 miles west of Vernon and Faust, Utah. Please note, this is a lonely, isolated outpost.


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