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Parowan Gap
The Parowan Gap is located in Southwestern Utah not too far from 1-15, approximately 7 miles west of of Parowan. The Gap is a 600 ft. deep notch that was cut into the Red Hills by an ancient river that no longer exists.

Petroglyphs are found on both sides of the road and represent several different cultures including Archaic, Fremont, and Southern Paiute.

The most famous of these is the Zipper glyph. Some of these are believed to be representative of calendars and or travels. One thing is certain, depending on who you ask you will probably get a different interpretation. It is however apparent that this was a gathering place in ancient times.

Some of the petroglyphs have very unique styles some even appear to resemble images from cultures further south.

The Petroglyphs were found by members of the Fullmer group an 1850 expedition sent out by Brigham Young. One of the members of the expedition told Brigham Young and the territorial legislature in his expedition report that according to Chief Walker, a Ute Indian, the Parowan Gap was called "God's own house."


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