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Natural Bridges
Natural Bridges National Monument is located in Southeastern Utah. The park became a National Monument in 1908 under the direction of President Theodore Roosevelt. The bridges were discovered by a prospector in 1883 who was looking for gold.

The three bridges are Sipapu Bridge with a height of 220 ft., Kachina Bridge with a height of 210 feet., and Owachomo Bridge with a height of 106 feet.

The monument is home to the famous Horse Collar ruin as well as several unique petroglyphs, one of which resembles a dinosaur. The petroglyphs are located at the base of Kachina Bridge.

Hiking trails lead to the base of the bridges.
Loop trails include:
Check at the visitors center for distances.

The elevation here varies between 5,500-6,500+ft. It is high desert. Visitors should be prepared for conditions.

Location: Southeastern Utah west of Blanding. Follow 95 west to 275. 275 enters the Monument.


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