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Lake Blanche and the Sundial
Lake Blanche is a short, popular hike with easy access from the Salt Lake area. The lake and its two sister lakes, Lakes Florence and Lillian, along with Sundial Peak are very scenic. The hike to Lake Blanche is just under three miles each way, and the sister lakes are close by.

While the hike to the lakes is relatively short, hikers should be prepared for a steep climb. The trail has an elevation gain of approximately 2700 ft. and immediately starts to gain elevation to the tune of about 1,000 ft. per mile. Lake Blanche is located at an elevation of roughly 8,900 feet.

Along the trail, hikers will occasionally see the aftermath of avalanches, as well as evidence of ancient glacial activity. Visitors can see evidence of glaciers by looking for long scratch marks on rocks. The lake itself is located in a glacial basin.

Lakes Lillian and Florence are close to Lake Blanche and are also worth the additional short hike to see them.

Visitors to Lake Blanche are greeted with spectacular views of the Sundial, a 10,320 foot peak. While beautiful, this peak requires some scrambling and has significant exposure. If you question your abilities in any way, please do not proceed. It's not worth your life, and the climb can be dangerous. Enjoy the view from the lakes. Other peaks in the area include Dromedary Peak (11,107 ft.) and Mount Superior. (11,132 ft.) These peaks also require scrambling.

Location: Salt Lake City. Go up Big Cottonwood Canyon four to four and a half miles until you get to the S-curve. A small road goes off to the right. Follow this to the trailhead.


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