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Dry Fork Canyon
Dry Fork Canyon contains some of the best known examples of Barrier Style rock art and Classic Vernal Style rock art. The site contains both petroglyphs and pictographs, estimated to date back to 1-1200 A.D. The rock art is believed to be affiliated with the Fremont Culture.

Barrier Style rock art tends to be large. Most of the figures are 4 to 9 feet in height. This style usually extends from Northeastern Arizona, through Utah and into Southwestern Wyoming. Eastern Utah in particular contains a number of such sites. The Classic Vernal rock art tends to be characterized by elaborately decorated figures. Some of the images are colorfully painted, while only traces of pigments remain on other petroglyphs.

Visitors will find that the petroglyphs and pictographs of this particular site line the canyon for two to three miles. The parking lot is situated approximately halfway between the north and south sets of images. The most famous of these pictographs is the Three Kings Panel, which was featured in National Geographic. It is perched on a cliff face at the south end of the site. The figures here are roughly seven to nine feet in height.

Pithouses and several other artifacts have been found at this site, though they are not the main attraction.

The site is listed in 1975 on the National Register of Historic Places for Utah.

Please respect the site and do not touch the rock art, since the oil and chemicals from your fingerprints will severely deteriorate the artwork over time. Also, be aware that the sites are on private property, so please stay on the paths and respect the rights of the property owners. Make sure you check in and pay the entrance fee at the site, so the site will continue to remain open to the public.

Location: Northeastern Utah, near Vernal.


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