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Cedar Breaks
Cedar Breaks was established as a National Monument in 1933.

Early inhabitants called the area the "circle of painted cliffs."

The main feature is a natural eroded amphitheater that is over 2,000 feet deep and more than 3 miles in diameter. Cedar Breaks is full of Canyons with stone spires and columns. To be perfectly honest, it looks like/resembles badlands. It's many different hues and colors are astonishing. Minerals such as iron and manganese contribute to the beautiful colors.

Because of the high elevation (10,000+ ft/3150+ meters), Cedar Breaks is inaccessible in the winter. A Visitor Center is located close to Point Supreme (10,350 ft.) The main road through the monument lies between 10,300 ft and 10,500 ft.

Highway 143 passes through the monument on its way to or from Parowan and Brian Head ski resort. Spruce and fir forests are dominant here.

Location: Cedar Breaks National Monument is located in Southwestern Utah in the high country along highway 148 and 143 east of Cedar City and west of Bryce Canyon. Please note highway 143 has 13% grades.


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