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Cecret Lake, Germania Pass, and Sugarloaf Peak
Cecret Lake (or Secret Lake, if it is misspelled) is a small, beautiful alpine lake tucked away in the lower reaches of the Albion Basin. The hike's relatively short distance makes it a favorite destination for families.

The hike to the lake is approximately three fourths of a mile each way. During summer months, hikers in the Albion Basin can expect to see many wildflowers, part of what makes the hike so enjoyable. The lake is not visible from the parking lot. Cecret Lake is located at an elevation of 9,920 feet, and is located in a glacial cirque. Visitors can see evidence of glaciers by looking for long, parallel scratch marks on the surface of ice-smoothed rocks.

The peak directly above Cecret Lake is Sugarloaf Peak, which can be reached by following the ski lifts to the west of Cecret lake to Germania Pass. Views from the pass into American Fork Canyon and beyond are impressive. Mt. Timpanogos (11,749 ft.) is also visible from the pass.

Sugarloaf Peak (11,051 ft.) can be accessed from Germania Pass. Once you reach the pass, you can see impressive views of the surrounding countryside.

The rugged peak that sometimes appears to tower above Cecret Lake is the Devil's Castle. (10,920 ft.) While more ominous looking, it is lower in elevation and substantially more difficult to climb than sugarloaf. Scrambling is necessary and it is exposed. A fall would not be good, and has, in fact, proven fatal to hikers in the past. Please take care... and note that there are many more spectacular places to visit, and higher peaks in the area to climb.

Visitors to Cecret Lake, Germania Pass, and Sugarloaf Peak should be on the lookout for wildlife. Marmots, chipmunks, and other rodents are common in the area.

Location: Little Cottonwood Canyon (Salt Lake). Go up Little Cottonwood Canyon all the way to the end. The trail is near the campground.


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