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Ball Room Cave
It is believed that the Ball Room Cave ruins were inhabited during the 12th and 13th Centuries. The main ruin is located on a ledge 2/3 of the way up a small cliff face. It is located in an alcove above the west side of the trail. It is visible from the trail below. A small trail leads to the ruin. Please watch your footing.

The second ruin is located several hundred yards beyond the first ruin. The third ruin is several hundred yards past the second ruin. Both of the ruins are located on the west side of the canyon.

The main ruin opens up to a small cave, the "ballroom," which is not visible from the bottom of the wash. A flashlight is advised for exploring the back of the cave.

The second ruin can be difficult to access, and the ruin cannot be seen from the canyon floor. A ladder may or may not be present.

Ruin III is not remarkable in any manner.

Hiking time is approximately 2-4 hours roundtrip. The hike does require some basic route finding, and a little experience in locating ruins.

Please note, these ruins have NOT been stabilized. Explore at your own risk. Please do not remove or rearrange any artifacts that may be present. Please do not climb on or touch the walls.

Location: Ballroom Cave is located in Southeastern Utah. The ruins are east of Comb Ridge on Cedar Mesa. Have fun finding the ruins!

Climate: This is high desert. Summer temperatures easily exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter temperatures can go below freezing. Hikers should carry plenty of water and be prepared for conditions.

Butler Wash Ruins and Mule Canyon Ruins are in the vicinity.


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