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Ute Mountain

The Ute Mountain Tribal Park is located in Southwestern Colorado in the area due south of Mesa Verde, and is home to some unique pre-Colombian ruins. The Tribal Park is comprised of an estimated 125,000 acres along the Mancos River. Visitors are taken to ruins in Lion Canyon, and a guide is required to visit these sites.

Some of the sites include the remains of an ancient Anasazi fortress known as the Eagle's Nest, Morris No. 5, Lion House, Tree House, and Sheehan house also known as Fortified House. Many of these cliff dwellings are relatively untouched.

Some of these trails are not for the faint of heart. Access to these ruins is provided by wooden ladders which ascend and descend into Lion Canyon. It may be necessary to traverse several smaller ledges in order to gain access to the Eagle's Nest.

Mummies have been found in one or more of these cliff dwellings. Ruins such as Sheehan House or Fortified House are unique because of the way water was impounded.

Location: Southwestern Colorado: South of Cortez, Colorado. Note: Guides are required.

Weather: This is high altitude (7,000-8,000+ ft.) Conditions can change rapidly. Please observe all warning signs.


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