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V-Bar-V Ranch

V-Bar-V Ranch is the largest petroglyph site located in the Verde Valley of Arizona. The ranch is on public land in the Coconino National Forest.

A short trail leads from the parking lot to the Visitor's Center, where you can pay the fee if you do not already have a Red Rock Pass. From the Visitor's Center, another short trail heads to the petroglyphs. The petroglyphs are located on a cliff face approximately 1/2 mile from the visitor center.

While the meaning of many of the petroglyphs is subject to much speculation, the designs are believed to represent a number of different events. The Spring and Fall Equinoxes, along with the Solstices, are marked by various petroglyphs. While many petroglyphs are visible, others have faded over the years. Still, this is one of the the best preserved rock art sites in the area.

It is believed that many of the petroglyphs were carved between A.D. 1150 and 1400. The rock art at this site is the type known as the Beaver Creek style, attributed to the regional inhabitants known as the Southern Sinagua.

The site was acquired by the Coconino National Forest in 1994. The V-Bar-V ranch is not open every day, and the hours are somewhat limited, so please check with the Red Rock Ranger District for current hours and fees.

Location: I-17 Exit 298 Head East on the Road. You should pass over 4 one-lane bridges. Shortly after passing the fourth one-lane bridge, turn right and continue a short distance to the parking area. The site is fairly close to Montezuma's Well. For more information contact: Red Rock Ranger District, P.O. Box 20429, Sedona AZ 86341, (928) 282-4119


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