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Mogollon Rim
Arizona's Mogollon Rim is a rugged escarpment of stone and timber that spans more than 150 miles across the state. The Rim is a land of lakes, high mountain forests, and deep canyons — a land so rugged it gave birth to western novels, was the scene of various armed conflicts and was avoided by early Spanish explorers. The rim has, in the opinion of the author, some of the most spectacular scenery in the United States. The largest stand of Ponderosa Pine in the United States is also located here.

The Mogollon Rim is a hiker and fishermen's paradise. There are lakes as well as caves, sinks, and Forest Service look outs. Woods Canyon Lake, Knoll Lake, Bear Canyon Lake, Willow Springs Lake, Blue Ridge Reservoir, and Chevelon Canyon Lake are favorites.

Canyons drop off from the rim every 10-15 miles. Most of these canyons are exceptionally rugged. There is an old Mineral Belt Railroad Tunnel whose construction was never finished. Only 70 ft of the planned 3100 feet were completed before the company that was building the rail extension went broke. A short trail leads to the tunnel.

The Communities of Payson, Pine, Strawberry, Kohls Ranch and Christopher Creek are located here. The two main roads that traverse the Rim are Highways 87 and 260. The General Crook trail also traverses the rim. The road is approximately 200 miles long. It was built by soldiers to connect Ft. Verde with Ft. Apache. It was completed in 1876. Today Boy Scouts have marked many sections of the road. Look for white chevrons on trees as you follow the trail. (They resemble a flat "V"). The Rim Road closely follows sections of this old trail.

Numerous hiking trails, campgrounds, and view points such as Diamond Point are also located on the Rim.

Other attractions in the area include Fossil Springs and the Tonto Natural Bridge. Petroglyphs and ruins can also be found. Montezuma's Castle National Monument and the Polimana petroglyphs are examples. If you know where to look, small fossils, small quartz crystals, and small pieces of petrified wood can on also be found. Clear evenings away from the lights are ideal for star gazing.

Zane Grey wrote a few of his novels here. The Bloody Basin war took place not far from here.
Bank Robbers, cattle rustlers, and other outlaws hid out here during the 1800s.

Recently, the rim has been the scene of several devastating fires. Hundreds of thousand of acres have burned. Please be careful with any fire. Many people have lost homes and property due to carelessness! Lives have also been lost fighting these fires. Please abide by all fire restrictions as well as any mandates from Federal, Tribal, State, and local law enforcement.


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