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Grand Canyon North Rim

The North Rim is quite a bit more remote, has far fewer tourist facilities and is 1,500-2,000 ft. higher than the South Rim. Elevations here range from the high 8000s to the low 9000s.

While the Inner Grand Canyon and South Rim can be baking hot in the summer, the North Rim can offer a cool respite.

View points here include:
Bright Angel Drive (8,161 ft.)
Cape Royal (7,865 ft.)
Point Imperial (8,819 ft.)

The Road to Cape Royal is 23 miles. Angel's Window is located here.

Hiking: The North Rim offers a number of hiking trails. Hiking Trails include the North Kaibab Trail 14.5 miles each way. The Ken Patrick Trail (12 miles), Nankoweap Trail, North Bass Trail, Thunder River Trail, and Bill Hall Trail.

Other Canyon trails include the Tanner Trail, Hermit Trail, Grandview Trail, Hance Trail, New Hance Trail, Bass Trail. Other famous trail include Havasupai.

Location: The only way into the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is via Jacobs Lake. It is a 45 miles drive from there to the North Rim. It is 225-250 miles one way to the South Rim from here. From Phoenix and Salt Lake City plan on a 7+ hour drive. From Las Vegas plan on a 5-6 hour drive.


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