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Desert Botanical Gardens

Desert Botanical Gardens

Desert Botanical Gardens

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Desert Botanical Garden

The Arizona Desert Botanical Garden is a must see destination for all visitors. The gardens are especially recommended for those who have a limited amount of time in the area and would like to see the variety that exists in the Sonoran Desert.

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For Families:

After warning your children not to touch the agaves, spiny plants, and especially the cactus, take them on a walk through the gardens. There are walkways, bridges, twists and turns, and many exhibits to interest children.


The park was created in 1939 and is home to a large number of desert plant collections. The Gardens are in a beautiful setting in Papago Park, with many scenic trails. The 50 acres of the Gardens are home to over a hundred rare, threatened, or endangered plants from around the world. The truly unique Gardens are a destination worth visiting all year round.

Themed walks showcase the different exhibits. Hands-on activities permit visitors to learn about the plants as they explore the gardens.

The Desert Botanical Garden also contains an Herbarium and a library. The purpose of the Herbarium includes plant identification, plant anatomy, the study of invasive species, and population studies. The library contains a collection of botanical books and periodicals, currently over 6,300 volumes and various periodicals which do not circulate. Usage is limited to on-site study.

Visitors can purchase items such as books, plants, bird feeders, seeds, etc. at the Garden and Plant shops. Annual memberships give special access to exhibit openings and other events.

For more information regarding pricing, membership, and other details please see http://www.dbg.org

Location: Papago Park area, 1201 North Galvin Parkway in Phoenix, Arizona

Climate: Keep in mind this is the Sonoran Desert. Phoenix can be especially hot during the summer months. If visiting in the summer, plan the trip for the morning, and bring water.


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