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Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

The Arizona Sonora Desert museum has one of the finest collections of native animals, plants, and exhibits in the Southwest. The museum opened its doors in 1952, and over the years it has slowly grown. The museum is a combination zoo, museum, aquarium, aviary, educational center, and garden. The Museum now houses 100+ mammals, 200+ birds, 350+ reptiles, 100+ amphibians, and 10,000+ fish, all from the Southwest. In addition, it contains an impressive exhibit of gems, minerals, and fossils from the Southwest. Some of the plant and animal collections include species that are endangered or rare. The museum is a great location to see first-hand the variety of the Southwest that visitors might not otherwise experience.

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For Families:

This museum is definitely a favorite for children. They will love the animals and the birds. If you are lucky enough to see the owls or hawks up close during the Raptor Flights, they will talk about the birds for days.

The artificial cave is another favorite, because, unlike natural caves, the children can touch the walls, and talk, while exploring at their own pace.

There is enough variety to interest even younger children, and older children will find plenty to interest them.


Approximately 2 miles of trails wind through the Museums' 21+ acres. Exhibits include a walk-in aviary, an artificial cave, mineral exhibit, a desert garden, mountain woodlands exhibit, and more. Parrots and mountain lions can be found in the mountain woodlands exhibit. Hummingbirds can be viewed close up in the hummingbird aviary. Beavers and otters are found in the Riparian corridor, while desert cats such as bobcats, ocelots, and jaguarundis fill cat canyon.

The museum periodically offers free-flight exhibits of their raptors. These are unique opportunity to see hawks, owls, falcons, and other birds interacting in their native environments.

Additionally, the museum has a digital library and photo archives. Currently the museum is working on organizing all of the information into a central repository that will be accessible to all. Additionally, the museum has a library of reference and research materials. Access is currently reserved for members, staff, and volunteers.

Visitors can purchase custom souvenirs, Native American arts and crafts, and more at the gift store.

For more information regarding pricing, membership, and other details please see the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum website.

Location: 2021 North Kinney Road, Tucson, Arizona.

Climate: Keep in mind this is the Sonoran Desert. Tucson and the surrounding area can be especially hot during the summer months, so be prepared with water, hats, and sunscreen. The rest of the year usually has lovely weather.


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